Wedding Gift Cards, Bags and Baskets

Wedding Gift Cards, Bags and Baskets

On the day of your wedding there will be guests who want to give you cards or envelopes with money in them (yay!). You will want a plan for what to do with all these gifts at the front desk. The usual answer is to have a special decorative box, basket or bag to keep all office gifts and keep them safe.

Weddings are occasions that represent a turning point in two peoples lives. There are a myriad of different gifts that you can buy for newly married couples, but gift cards are some of the most popular and practical gifts you can buy for new weds. These cards will be appreciated by some couples who have just married. At one point, these cards are considered to be impersonal, but now they are widely accepted as the perfect gift. Gift cards allow a couple to choose from a variety of products or services to suit their needs. They can be from a variety of places. In fact, almost all major chains of stores and restaurants have these cards that you can buy. You can also buy them from airlines and hotels if you want to treat a newly married couple to a traveling adventure.

How many envelopes with cash or checks in those you are likely to get on your wedding day depend largely on the customs of your family and community. If you have ever seen the movie Goodfellas you can remember the wedding scene where guest by guest (all those called Peter or Paulie, apparently) gave a short amount of money for newlyweds. The bride had a nice white fabric bag designed to hold all office gifts. If you come from a family where office gifts are common at weddings, you should plan to have an equal amount of money bag.

Making a nice bag for holding gift cards is a simple and fun project. Basically, all you have to do is to make a big bag style bag out of a beautiful bridal dress, like a white white silk. Use two fabric circles for strength, and sew them in a round bag with a lash pulling through the top. You can decorate the bag and end of silk cord with a few things. Silk flowers are lovely, like pieces of lace or clusters of beads. Brides who received pearls as their wedding jewelry gifts can sew a series of pearls along the top of the bag to coordinate with their other accessories. If your wedding jewelry is more sparkling, crystals also make a nice accent to the cash gift bag. A cluster of crystals near the ends of the drawbar helps to prevent the cord from loosening into the bag.

Some couples prefer to have a special box or basket that they exhibit at the front desk to get the card gifts. An advantage of the box over a basket is that it will have caps, which gives a bit more of a sense of security. There are boxes for sale for this purpose, but its really incredibly easy to create your own card box. Take a sturdy box with lids in any size you need, cut a slit in the top and cover it to make it attractive. You can use a sweet silver or white wrapping paper (pack the cover and base of the box separately and put them together), perhaps with a wedding motif. Fabric also works well for the box. Spread adhesive and hot glue are the easiest way to attach the material to the carton box. You can also add other decorations like lace applications or even make a decoupagebox.

A nice basket is one of the easiest places to put the gift cards. Just take a nice white or natural colored basket basket, tie a fluffy bow on the handle and voila! You have a gift card basket. The only problem with the basket is that since it is open, you must really see someone over it all the time. Depending on your location, you may also need to enter someone to keep an eye on a closed box. Unless your reception will be held in a place that is completely closed to the public like your home or private club that is closed to everyone else during your party, the safety of cash gift packaging is an important consideration.

The best part about the bag, the box or the cash gift box will of course open all these envelopes at the end of the evening! This is something that the newlyweds should do privately, of course. If you leave your honeymoon right away, its a good idea to have one of your parents take all the checks and money to the bank and put it in for you as soon as possible. Of course you may want to spend some of your money to have fun with your honeymoon.

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